Learn More with the Knowledge Base

Learn More with the Knowledge Base

The Ultimate Guide

MAY 2018 | 6 MIN READ

You went through user training, and know how to use your Global Office Software system to the best of your knowledge. Sometimes you hit a wall and can’t remember how to complete a task without tracking down a manager, a colleague, or reaching out to Global Office customer support. 

Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Find the answers to the questions you have in the Knowledge Base.

Enter hands-on education — or best-known as a knowledge base.

The Global Office knowledge base is a library of information about MEHD. It will help find the answers to your questions immediately.

Think you’re alone when you have a question about MEHD, you’re not. Users want to find answers on their own, so let’s jump into a few key questions when it comes to using the knowledge base to become a product expert!


What Is a Knowledge Base?


Let’s jump right in with the basics – the definition of a knowledge base.

A knowledge base is a self-serve customer library that includes information about a product, service, or topic. In this case, you can use the knowledge base to find out information on the features and functionality of  MEHD.

What Is Included in the Knowledge Base?


The MEHD knowledge base not only has articles to help you with features and workflows, but also frequently asked quests (FAQ), white papers, how-to articles, tutorials, and dictionaries! Check the knowledge base from time to time to catch up on Global Office education to streamline your operations.



Where to find the Knowledge Base?


With two quick clicks, you can be inside your knowledge base finding the answers to your questions.

1 – Click on your name and icon in the top right-hand side of your Global Office Software system

2 – In the drop-down menu click on ‘Knowledge Base


(Use this link to directly access the Knowledge Base)



How to Navigate the Knowledge Base?


There are two basic ways to navigate the knowledge base:


1. Use the Search Bar – Use the search bar at the top of the main knowledge base to type in your questions. Suggested articles will be populated. If your question is not populated in the typeahead, finish typing your question and search.

2. Clicking through the Categories and Articles Listed – All the answers to your questions are listed as articles under categories. Think of it as a library filing system, in which you can quickly narrow down the answer to your question by clicking on the category of articles related to your question.


Once you have found the article that you were looking for use the comments section to give feedback on the article and if the article helped you out. After all, your feedback helps drive our team and products!



Your team should be product experts when it comes to MEHD, no excuses. Knowing how to streamline tasks, use reports to look through analytical data and create decisions off of those reports, the in’s and out’s of your positions workflow within MEHD.

Be sure to let our customer support team know about the questions you have and how you like to learn!

If you can’t quickly find the answer to your question in the knowledge base our customer support team is always there to help at 1-866-643-3041.

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