New Features - Rentals

New Features - Rentals

Learn about the recent updates to – Rentals

MAY 2018 | 4 MIN READ

MEHD users love our cloud-based system, which is why we work with great customers to find ways to make it more efficient. Now that spring is upon us, we have compiled some time-saving functions within your rental process.



Rental Duration & Pricing Rates

Do you have different pricing rates for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals of products? Now you can set the duration of the rental and choose the pricing rate in which your customer will be invoiced.

This comes in handy when renting products for extended periods of time such as 90 days, and charging the customer for three months worth of rentals. MEHD automatically calculates the item cost and the total cost for you so you just have to ask the customer how they will be paying….have you check out the credit card on file feature?

Daily = 1 Day

Weekly = 7 Days

Monthly = 30 Days

Where to Find:

First, list a daily, weekly, and monthly prices for your rental product inside the rental products – rental pricing page. To locate this page simply select [Inventory > Products > Rental Items]. When you now create new rentals, you will be able to change the pricing rate to reflect the duration.


Rental Default Settings


Do you often find yourself renting products out for the same amount of time? Now you can set up default values for the number of days and the pricing rate you wish to select between daily, weekly, and monthly rates.

Where to Find:

System Settings > Rentals > Set Default Rental Values

Rental History Report



Need to see a log of how many times a rental product has been used? How about the customers that have used the product? What about the revenue brought in from a rental item? Maybe you just want to see the history of your favorite rental product!

You have it all with the addition of ‘Rental History’. Simply use the rental history to search for the product, serial number, and rental start and end dates. From there simply create from MEHD into a PDF or Microsoft Excel report.

Where to Find:

Reports > Rental History

More to come in 2018

Last year was packed with plenty of new features and added functionalities, and this year we have even bigger plans for MEHD. Leave nothing to chance, and be sure to an eye out for bigger and better time-saving updates and industry-leading innovation.

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