HME Events You Have to Attend

HME Events You Have to Attend

Get More Out of Industry Events

JUNE 2018 | 4 MIN READ

Trade shows, seminars, and industry meetings are crucial tools for exhibitors and attendees, especially in retail and eCommerce. Trade shows are a one-stop shop to keep up with industry trends, develop new contacts, and keep customers up to date with your service offerings.

We know what you’re thinking, ‘well the travel and costs are more than I would like’. A simple return on investment calculator can show if the benefits outweighed the expenses, just make sure that it’s a high ROI.


5 Reasons Why You Should Attend A Trade Show


1. Industry Trends


Industry professionals from near and far gather to showcase new products. Being able to view and test products first hand while taking note on the most popular products on the show floor, you’ll be able to have a lead on what’s going to revolutionize your business and your customer satisfaction.

On top of that, you’ll have an insight when it comes to trends and data. Taking that information and planning your upcoming business development around that data and trends again allows you to stay ahead of the industry curve.


2. Source and Compare Products & Services


It was shown in a survey conducted by Skyline Exhibits that 91 percent of retailers said trade shows are essential for comparing products and meeting suppliers.

Being able to speak with vendors about their products and finding the best fit for your company and your customers is key. Facetime with suppliers, and meeting people you could only put a name to before is a great way to develop relationships.


3. Networking


Networking provides time to learn from your peers. People who share similar goals and interests may have insights into operations, sourcing, marketing for your Home Medical Equipment store. A simple conversation with other retailers and store owners might lead to new partnership opportunities or ideas.


4. Thought Leadership


Trade shows only seem to be bigger and better these days. There has been growing development on lectures and presentations that inspire and envoke though into those that attend.

Workshops, talks and keynote speakers at trade shows may open your eyes to new methods and insights. You’ll be able to hear success stories and thoughts on the latest trends, all information that will help you reach success in your own business.


5. Minimize Operational Costs and Wasted Time


If you think that the ROI for a trade show will not pay off, or is too steep, look into alternatives. Conducting weekly research and comparing insights with your connections and industry peers is a great place to start. Picking up a phone or emailing those connections may take a longer time then walking the trade show floor, but it comes at a lower upfront cost.


So you’re ready to get started. Here’s a list of trade shows you should think about attending this year:









Apr 15 – 17

MedTrade Spring

Las Vegas, NV

Mandalay Bay





VGM Heartland

Waterloo, IA

Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center



VGM’s Brick by Brick: Retail Learning Workshop

Cincinnati, Ohio


Alabama Home Medical Equipment Association Convention

Hoover, AL

Embassy Suites Hotel



Aug 07

VGM – Brick by Brick: Retail Learning Workshop

Minneapolis, Minn.


Aug 15 – 17

Big Sky Association for Medical Equipment Services Annual Convention


Aug 22 – 23

ACMESA Summer Meeting and Exhibit Show

Holiday Inn Resort Wrightsville Beach


Aug 28 – 29

Kentucky Medical Equipment Suppliers Association Fall Conference

Lexington, KY

Embassy Suites



Sep 05

VGM – Brick by Brick: Retail Learning Workshop

Charlotte, N.C.


Sep 09 – 11

Georgia Association of Medical Equipment Services Annual Meeting

Savannah, GA

The Desoto Savannah


Sep 12

Pennsylvania Association of Medical Suppliers Fall Program

Harrisburg, PA

The Central Hotel and Conference Center


Sep 13

California Association of Medical Product Suppliers Annual Fall Conference

Long Beach, CA

Long Beach Yacht Club


Sep 20 – 21

Healthcare Association of Hawaii 2018 Healthcare Conference

Honolulu, HI

Hawaii Convention Center


Sep 20

VGM – Brick by Brick: Retail Learning Workshop

San Antonio, Texas


Sep 21

Maryland National Capital Homecare Association Annual Meeting

Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel


Sep 26 – 27

Florida Alliance of Home Care Services Annual Conference

Tampa, FL



Oct 03 – 05

MAMES Excellence in HME Conference

Welch, MN

Treasure Island Resort & Casino


Oct 09

VGM’s Brick by Brick: Retail Learning Workshop

Peoria, Ill.


Oct 15 – 17

Medtrade Fall


Oct 23 – 24

38th Annual Ohio Association of Medical Equipment Services Meeting & Exhibition

Columbus, OH

Grandview Yard



Nov 04

Tennessee Association for Home Care Fall Conference

Gatlinburg, TN


Nov 07 – 08



Don’t see an event that you would recommend to other Home Medical Equipment suppliers? Be sure to contact us and let us know!


The bottom line

Trade shows have many benefits with only one catch – you have to attend. Not being involved in industry based events harbors your organization from potential benefits.

Maybe today is the day to research and attend an upcoming local trade show near you!

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