New Feature - Export & Update of Products

New Feature - Export & Update of Products

Change large amounts of product data efficiently

JUNE 2018 | 4 MIN READ

Have you ever found yourself changing a large number of products descriptions, categories, costs or pricing?


In your previous software, you may have had to go into the profile of every single product to change the pricing or on the opposite end of the spectrum, everyone who had access to the software could easily change the prices of products, potentially leading to mispriced products.

With MEHD’s new product export users with export access can easily change large amounts of data through Microsoft Excel.

How Does it Work?


Navigate to the systems setting module, and from there use the product export tool.

From there a download of your entire database of products will occur. Open the downloaded file, preferably in Microsoft Excel to view the data.

To navigate the data, use the top fields and the product names located on the left-hand-side.


To learn how to ‘freeze’ the top panes in Excel click the button below.



Importing New Data

Getting your data back into your system is just as easy. Start by saving the document as a CSV file. Once saved, navigate to import products located in your system settings.

Be sure to select ‘Setup Template’ to select the correct field headings matching with the CSV file you saved.

From there check to make sure that the products changed were either standard products or rental products, and check off that ‘File Contains 1 Header Row’.

Lastly, click on the choose file button to select your CSV file. Once selected finish by opening the file and previewing to make sure the data is in the correct fields.

The bottom line


Updating large amounts of data just got a whole lot easier!

And with the use of Microsoft Excel, the ability to manipulate your product data go easier as well. Don’t forget to use tools in Excel such as filters, search (Ctrl + F), and text to columns to speed up your data exchange.


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