New Feature - Work Order History

New Feature - Work Order History

Search Customers Old Work Orders With Ease


Work Orders are an important part of your service division.


Now with Work Order history, Service Technicians and Service Managers can be sure that they have the right information to make informed decisions. Looking back on Work Orders in a clients profile can drive down the cost of maintenance on a customers product, increase the assets life, or improve the service technicians productivity and reduce the customer’s product downtime.

Reducing costs while improving reliability is easily obtainable with Work Order history. The quality of data entered into your Work Orders combined with great documentation can be the difference between repairing and replacing a customers asset.


Let’s break down the basics:


work order is usually a task or a job for a customer, that can be scheduled or assigned to someone. Such an order may be from a customer request or created internally within the organization.

A service call to a customers house to fix a lift, or changing a battery along with customer change orders and repeated preventative maintenance for customers can be concentrated in the form of a work order.


Work orders can also be used for deliveries and pick-ups!


How Does it Work?


Work Orders

Simply create a new work order by using the ‘quick create button’ and selecting work order.

A new work order screen will appear. Be sure to fill out all the most important information such as the customers name, contact information, description of the work to be done, the date the work is to start, estimated duration of the work order, status of the work order, type of work order as well as assigning service technicians or delivery drivers to the work order.

From there, check to make sure that the service technicians and delivery drivers have the open time slot requested. Add products, labor, and fees to the work order as well as any additional comments needed.

From there your Service Technicians and Delivery Drivers can access the information about the work order right off their phone from an internet browser OR through the MEHDapp.


Want to know how?




Work Order History

To access a historical work orders relating to a customer, simply click into a customers profile. From there navigate to the history tab, followed by the work order tab.

From there you will be able to access basic information about the work orders and open them further to drill down on information relating to the specific work order.

To access this information, hover over the work order number and click on edit. This will populate the full work order with products and comments for your viewing.


The bottom line

Work order history can make for quick wins. Using historical information helps employees make informed decisions on the spot when they are servicing customers or when a Service Manager is deciding if the product should be replaced.

Think of the amount of time wasted sending service technicians out to jobs only to find out that knowing information from past work orders would have solved the current work much faster. Work order history is built to save your organization time!

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